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More than 1200 different species

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Selecting plants according to each unique project

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Creating systems 30% more efficient

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We know how to make it

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Hard materials: concrete, brick, wood and stone

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Constantly innovating with different practices

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Give due attention to details on your property, it looks positively in business

Costa Rica

based landscape design, construction and maintenance company.

Since 1999!

For 21 years we are creating solutions for unique landscaping projects in Costa Rica.

We are characterized by being a great multidisciplinary team combining professional qualities and experience in agronomy, irrigation systems, architecture and design for the management of all types of projects.

This has allowed us to assimilate the difficulties of each project, managing to develop it with the success, quality and presentation that characterizes our work.

We have concentrated on creating solutions for the correct development of the landscape taking into account the climatic, topographic and spatial conditions of each site.


Our clients

Create an outdoor space that is truly yours